Information on Schnoodles
    Schnoodles have many qualities that make them ideal pets.  They retain the intellect that poodles have, while they are also loyal and great companions as are their schnauzer parents.  These characterics make schnoodles easy to train, but they do need adequate guidance so they can put their intellect to good use.  We recommend that the puppies attend obedience classes.  They are also energetic and athletic.  They tend to make good running partners and most enjoy playing fetch. 
    The schnoodles' overall appearance is a mixture of the poodle and schnauzer with most having a wavy or wavy/straight coat.  While different grooming styles are used on schnoodles, most require full groomings every 6-8 weeks.  Schnoodles are low-shedding and hypoallergenic.  Many of our pups go to homes with family members that have allergies, and each of them have been compatible. 
   While many pure breeds have specific health problems, schnoodles have the advantage of "hybrid vigor."  Breeding poodles to schnauzers results in a decreased chance of genetic diseases.  We guarantee that our puppies will have no life-threatening, congential disease for up to two years after adoption. 
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